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Being (Un)Present: A Father’s Love

How would you define your relationship with your father? Was he there for you? Did he provide affection or fill you with sorrow? Were there smiles or tears? For many, there is absence. For some, there is rejection. A few find quiet strength. These short films show how the presence of a father’s love can deeply define one’s life.

Curated by Kacia Huynh and David Tanh

LIVE Q&A on 11/13 at 9:00 P.M. EST

In this program

Film still for Ang Meron Sa Wala (Beyond Nothing)

Ang Meron Sa Wala (Beyond Nothing)

Directed by Arby and Christine Laraño

A resolute man unapologetically abandons his first-born, believing that it was the right thing to do. Many years later, an inquisitive documentary filmmaker interrogates him.

Film still from Little Sky

Little Sky

Directed by Jess X. Snow

Haunted by their childhood memories, Chinese American drag sensation, Sky returns to their hometown to confront their estranged father.

Film still from Golden Boy

Golden Boy

Directed by Kitty Hu

A father and daughter navigate the new responsibility of caregiving and face challenges in their own relationship, while disconnected from the rest of the family in China.