Ang Meron Sa Wala (Beyond Nothing)

Directed by Arby and Christine Laraño

Alfredo, now in his fifties, blissfully lives with his family among his pigs and chicken at a rural town in Laguna. It is a humble place, but it is one that he built throughout the years of holding on to his own drive to be independent despite his poor economic means. He has been living independently since he was in high school. Although his father had offers to send him to college during his early years, he refuses. He thinks that he will not make it through and that the attempt would be futile.

Directed by Arby and Chrisitne Laraño

About the filmmakers: Arby and Christine Laraño are award-winning filmmakers with films that were celebrated in locale and international film festivals. Their films were features and screened in California, Texas, Mississippi, Bangladesh, Canada, Japan, and the United Kingdom. While Arby received a film scholarship to the USC School of Cinematic Arts under the United States Department of States Fusion Program, on the other hand, Christine has years of experience as a filmmaker for top local networks. As of the moment, the husband and wife duo are busy volunteering for Christian Family Organizations and producing documentary programs for Eagle Broadcasting Corporation.

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