This collection of shorts have no particular theme except for the fact that they are some of this year’s PAAFF Programmers’ favorites. Enjoy!

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Film Still from the Rose of Manila

The Rose of Manila

Directed by Alex Westfall

An imagined telling of the formative years of Imelda Marcos, who would become infamous for embezzling billions from the country to sustain her extravagant lifestyle. Here, the fate of a young girl and an entire nation become entangled as the absent mother of a country is born.

Film Still from Winning in America

Winning in America

Directed by Amrita Singh

Aishwarya Narayanan clashes with her immigrant coach-father and questions the meaning of success while vying for a spot at the prestigious National Spelling Bee.

Film still from Sunday


Directed by Sean Wang

A young couple spends what could be their last night together.

Film still from the War Within

The War Within

Directed by Javid Farahani

A paralyzed man who has lost his legs due to a car accident says at home, buying and selling dollars. He anticipates a war between Iran and the US, hoping the value of his dollars will soar, regardless of how many people would die in the war.

Film still from Kalinga (Care)

Kalinga (Care)

Directed by Kent Donguines

“Kalinga” (Care) shares the stories of several Filipina caregivers and nannies in Vancouver, bearing witness to their sacrifices as they struggle to reunite with their children and families.