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Black Snow

Directed by Stepan Burnashev

Gosha is a self-employed trucker, who delivers goods to remote northern parts of the Sakha Republic (Yakutia). He uses his competitive edge and his services are expensive. Moreover, he supplies fake low-quality vodka to his native community, thereby alcoholizing the locals. After another trip, he exchanges vodka for meat and fish – the only currency the northerners are able to pay him. His greed lures him into driving back to the city without a partner-driver. During the journey, his truck breaks down. He is stuck in the middle of nowhere. Нe is the only living soul for hundreds of kilometers around.

This film is available for online rental.

Written & Directed by Stepan Burnashev

Director’s Bio: Stepan Burnashev was born in Ust-Aldanskiy district of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia), North of Russian Arctic. He graduated from the Institute of Mathematics and Informatics but began to work in filmmaking. In 2012 he made his feature debut “Quagmire”. The project was totally independent and had successful distribution. Since that time he launched his own production company “Saidam Baryl” which has already produced nine films. He is participle of Russian and International film festivals and a Grand prix winner at Cheboksarsky international film festival (2015) for the film “Mannaigy taptal (First love)”.