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Pacific Showcase

Every year, PAAFF presents a Pacific Showcase with the specific goal of celebrating indigenous artists with roots in the Pacific.  This year, we have curated the greatest number of Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islander short films in our festival’s history, as well as an evocative and imaginative anthology feature in Teine Sā - the ancient ones. We aim to do our part to uplift indigenous art and artists, and advocate for education of indigenous histories and the struggle for sovereignty and self-determination, in the Greater Philadelphia Area and beyond. 

Philly Asian Performing Artists

Philadelphia Asian Performing Artists (PAPA) is a grassroots, membership-based collective that exists to build community among, and address the lack of economic and artistic opportunities for, people of Pan-Asian descent involved in the performing arts in the Philadelphia region. Born out of a desire to support and celebrate diverse Asian theater artists in Philadelphia, PAAFF has partnered with PAPA to present two captivating performances and one installation.  Each performance brings a unique artistic voice to the forefront and reflects the greater diversity of this city and its stories.

Livestreamed Discussions

Throughout its history, PAAFF has provided a platform not only for Asian artists and filmmakers, but also writers, critics, academics, and activists who bring valuable insight to topics relevant to our audience and touched upon in the films we curate. As part of our ongoing series of panels and conversations, we have invited new guest speakers to share their expertise on topics such as speculative fiction, futurist movements, and how Asian Americans are represented in the U.S. political landscape. Each panelist will bring their own diverse perspective, deepening our understanding of the film industry, the power of art and media, and more.