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NHPI: Coming Home

Representing a diverse selection of cultures through an eclectic array of styles and mediums, these films by Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islander filmmakers explore what it means to come home: whether by returning to one’s roots through reconnecting with a heritage, gaining a deeper understanding of home through its protection, or physically returning to a place and people.

Program curated by Sunny Huang

Pre-recorded Q&A available with rental.

In this program

A Journey Home

A Journey Home

Directed by Catherine Killough

An animated short honoring the many meanings of home: as Arkansas, as the Marshall Islands, and as Earth that needs to be protected for the next generation.

Tapa: The Cloth That Binds Us

Tapa: The Cloth That Binds Us

Directed by Nancy Thompson

A journey through the life of a young Pasifika woman as she learns the traditional practice of making tapa cloth, passed down through generations. She incorporates the core values of this process into her existences in the modern world.

Kåntan Hereru - A Blacksmith's Song

Kåntan Hereru – A Blacksmith’s Song

Directed by Sean Aguon Lizama

Guam’s only living master blacksmith shares the importance of his craft to daily life in the past and tries to find a place for it in a modern landscape.

Ke Kahea: An Invitation Into Sacred Space

Ke Kahea: An Invitation into Sacred Space

Directed by Justyn Ah Chong

After receiving a kahea (calling) from ancestral lineages to create kapa for unearthed iwi kūpuna (skeletal remains), Aʻiaʻi Bello extends the calling to women in the community. Those that step forth learn to transform the wauke plant into sacred kapa and find themselves changed in the process.



Directed by Jade Jackson

Based on the treatment of Pacific Island families during the New Zealand Dawn Raids of the 1970’s, this short takes an intimate look into a police raid, as told through the eyes of a young girl Losa and her father Lupematasila.

Pili Ka Mo'o

Pili Ka Moʻo

Directed by Justyn Ah Chong

The Fukumitsu ʻOhana (family) of Hakipuʻu are native Hawaiian taro farmers whose land remains a kīpuka (oasis) of traditional knowledge. They are tossed into a world of complex judicial proceedings when a large settler-owned corporation destroys their familial burials to make way for development.

Ka Ho'i - The Return

Ka Hoʻi – The Return

Directed by Mitchel Merrick

An aging Hawaiian war veteran grapples with the nightmares of his past and fears of being forgotten as the world around him changes. One night, he hears a familiar voice calling him from the beach, and what he encounters is beyond anything he could have imagined.