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Directed by Jade Jackson

Based on the treatment of Pacific Island families during the New Zealand Dawn Raids of the 1970’s, this short is an intimate look into a police raid, as told through the eyes of a young girl Losa and her father Lupematasila.

Produced and Directed by Jade Jackson
Written by Esteban Jaramillo-Ulloa

Director’s Bio: Jade Jackson is a Sāmoan New Zealand Film Director and Producer. After graduating from The New Zealand Film School in December 2019, Jade got her start as a script supervisor on Jessica ‘Coco Solid’ Hansel’s debut short film ‘No laughing in the Faculty’ with Piki Films. This film would inspire and inform the running of her own film sets, incorporating ritual, culture and genuine connection. She then founded Red Rock Films with Partner and collaborator Christopher Hines, focusing on bringing the Pasifika voice to film with dignity.

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