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OPENING: Blind Eye Artist

Directed by Ashwin Chaudhary

Justin Wadlington’s life was changed forever when a tragic accident left him blind in one eye at the age of 5. Growing up without parents in the inner city of Philadelphia, he struggled to survive, living in emergency shelters and group homes. As an adult, Justin re-discovered his childhood passion for art. Justin built a new identity as the Blind Eye Artist. In the tumultuous years of 2020 and 2021, Justin’s artwork reached the upper tiers of the art world. Now as an established artist, Justin seeks to inspire kids who grew up like him to believe that they can do anything if they put their mind to it.

This film is available for online rental and will be screened in-person.

Directed by: Ashwin Chaudhary
Produced by: Jonathan Korn

Director’s Bio: Ashwin Chaudhary hails from the aptly named town of Media, PA and arrived in Brooklyn, NY by way of Syracuse University’s Newhouse School. Coming of age in the digital dawn of the mid 2000’s, Ashwin cut his teeth in the world of sports TV production, learning the art of story-telling through editing. On the side, he pursued documentary projects that allowed him to fuse his passions of sports, the arts, and travel. In 2010, Ashwin teamed up with his childhood friend from Media, Jonathan Korn, to form Juice Groove Films.

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Dates & Times


Asian Arts Initiative

Thu, Nov 3
6:30 pm