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Directed by Joseph Juhn

In 2020, five Korean Americans of diverse backgrounds with competing political views run for US Congress. David Kim is a young, progressive, LGBTQ candidate running in Koreatown, Los Angeles with a Trump-supporting conservative church pastor, for a father. Marilyn Strickland is a half Korean, half Black, Democratic candidate running in Tacoma, Washington, while Young Kim and Michelle Park Steel, both Republicans running in Orange County, show unapologetically strong allegiance to President Trump. Then finally, Andy Kim, an incumbent running for re-election, faces an uphill battle as no Democrat has won his district twice in a row in more than 150 years.

This film is available for online rental. LIVESTREAM Q&A on 11/4 at 9:00PM EST.

Directed by Joseph Juhn
Produced by Joseph Juhn and Tatyana Kim

Director’s Bio: Joseph Juhn is a lawyer-turned-filmmaker with passion for diasporic narratives. He recently finished his second documentary, “CHOSEN”, which is about 5 Korean Americans that ran for US Congress in 2020. Joseph’s first feature documentary, “JERONIMO”, a film about a Korean Cuban revolutionary, opened in theaters in Korea in 2019 and sparked a nationwide discourse on the concept of Korean diaspora.