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cold lunch

Directed by Insun Park, Jin Pei Lua

A Korean-American girl is surprised to find a container full of Japchae noodles in her backpack. Feeling out of place among the crowd of sandwiches, she attempts to conceal her lunch, but it transforms into a dragon made of noodles. Immediately ready to play, the dragon flies away and the girl desperately chases it down the hall. She barely manages to trap it in her lunchbox, but doing so has hurt its feelings. After an apology, the dragon forgives her and reveals three sets of chopsticks, suggesting that food is meant to be shared. This fills the girl with hope, and the dragon reverts back into regular Japchae. With newfound courage, the girl is able to share food with her loving friends.

Written and Directed by Insun Park and Jin Pei Lua
Produced by Ringling College of Art and Design

Directors Bios:
Insun Park is a story artist and 3D sculptor. She was born in South Korea and raised in sunny California. She has always enjoyed telling stories and is inspired to make all kinds of art because it is a rewarding process that brings people together. Insun attended Ringling College, where she honed her skills and became familiar with the animation pipeline. She graduated in May of 2022 and now sculpts toys for Hasbro.

Jin Pei Lua is a 3D animator who was born and raised in Singapore. When she was a child, she noticed her older sister doodling on a piece of paper, and that started her passion for creating art and animations.
Apart from making art, she also loves video games, eating, reading books, creating characters and writing stories. Jin is inspired to achieve authenticity and specificity in both her art and animation. After graduating from Ringling College, she became an animator on the EA Create team.

Plays in

Together: Family Shorts

Together: Family Shorts

The world can be a big and scary place, especially for those who feel lost or alone. A few kind words, a hug, or a helping hand can do a lot to help a person get through the day. Through animation and live action, scenarios both real and fanciful, this collection of short films reminds us of the importance of community and inspires us to support one another.