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Cookbook of Gestures

Directed by Sarah K Khan

An homage to the embodied knowledge of women cooks and farmers, each “recipe” holds fifty film clips. Each clip reveals timeless gestures and captures the virtuosity of unsung cooks. There are five recipes in this series. The first four are different breads made in Fez. The last three are the stages required to make a sweet called Gazelle Horns. You see the hands of Najia, a woman of Fez. The aroma waifs out into the street, filling the air with the scent of culture and a history of unsung labor.

Artist Bio: Sarah K Khan (b. Mangla, Pakistan) uses food to provoke thought about injustice towards people and the planet. A multi-media maker and scholar, she uses photography, films, print-making, maps, and writing to explore food, culture, women, migration, and identity in urban and rural environments. Khan researches and documents the lives of ordinary people who are extraordinary. She engages slowly and regards her subjects with empathy and respect. The subjects and subject matter, real or conjured, are complex individuals dealing with the challenges of life. Khan’s work captures a moment—revealing the emotions, lived experiences, and humanity of those she encounters.

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