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Expanding Sanctuary – Community Rough Cut Screening

Directed by Kristal Sotomayor

This is a community rough-cut screening of “Expanding Sanctuary”, which will only be screened in-person. More information can be found at

Expanding Sanctuary covers the ordinary, extraordinary transformation of an immigrant worker, Linda Hernandez, who yearns for her mother’s presence at the dawn of her new marriage and new life. In her quest to bring her mother to the United States, what begins as a perfunctory but necessary step in order to obtain her mom’s visa, changes the character’s life and world-view entirely. The film documents this shift as she becomes a passionate organizer and emerges with her newfound voice, power, and agency. This journey, which started simply as a woman’s wish to be close to her mom on her wedding day, gives her renewed purpose in life. Now, the goal she hopes to obtain is no longer solely for her, rather her work, in solidarity, benefits the entire community of immigrant laborers that surrounds her.



CLOSING: Ricochet

Directed by Chihiro Wimbush, Jeff Adachi

RICOCHET examines the trial of an undocumented immigrant, Jose Inés Garcia Zárate, for the accidental shooting of a young woman, Kate Steinle on Pier 14 in San Francisco in July of 2015. The incident gains national attention when Donald Trump exploits this on the campaign trail for his anti-immigration platform that elevates him to the Republican nomination and eventually the White House.

Dates & Times


Asian Arts Initiative

Sun, Nov 13
6:30 pm