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Hi, Again

Directed by Sung Eun Park

After passing away, an old woman finds a mysterious door in the afterlife. There, she is paid with a surprise visit from her mom, who passed away when she was only a little girl. She is beyond joyous to meet her long lost mom again, but is scared that her mom wouldn’t recognize her. To her delight, her mom instantly recognizes her and embraces her. The mother and daughter, now reunited, goes into the door together, toward the eternal happiness.

Directed by Sung Eun (Grace) Park

Director’s Bio: Grace Park is currently attending California Institute Of The Arts in the Character Animation program. She is a 2nd year, and wants to work as a story artist after graduation. The primary themes in her films include familiar love, friendship, and accepting self.

Plays in

Together: Family Shorts

Together: Family Shorts

The world can be a big and scary place, especially for those who feel lost or alone. A few kind words, a hug, or a helping hand can do a lot to help a person get through the day. Through animation and live action, scenarios both real and fanciful, this collection of short films reminds us of the importance of community and inspires us to support one another.