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In a Single Thought

Directed by Darshika Singh

How does one exist in isolation, until isolation and one can’t be separated? In the aftermath of staring at a still scene, the scene comes to life, and one dies. When I spend a year in a room, do I become the room? Does an animal caged at birth, recognize the cage as an extension of self or negation of it? The attempt is to examine the minute, and yet not miss the whole landscape. In the stasis of time, every moment passes by in the dual thesis of examination and observation, and all thought is coming together and breaking with time.

Artist Bio: Darshika Singh is an interdisciplinary artist from Lucknow, currently developing her practice in Mumbai, India. She has a diploma in Fine Arts from Central Saint Martins, University of the Arts London. She describes her art practice as a process of “seeing,” and she believes that all sight must start from the observance of the mundane then elevate itself into the “essential” of things. Her art is an attempt to translate this essential sight into a world filled with its own symbology and metaphysics that can contain and exist simultaneously both inside and outside the perceptible world.

Plays in

Contemporary Video Art Exhibition - Presented by 12 Gates Arts and PAAFF

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