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Directed by Lillian Xuege Li

Lin is an immigrant working in a Chinatown restaurant in New York City. Trapped in her family and work life, she finds her camcorder as a secret outlet. As an unexpected encounter unfolds, her secret exposes. The incident, however, becomes an opportunity for her to come to the realization to seize her own narration.

Produced and Directed by Lillian Xuyege Li
Written by Lillian Xuege Li, Yawen Hu

Director’s Bio: Lillian Xuege Li is a Chinese filmmaker living in New York. She graduated with a BFA degree in Graphic Design from Pratt Institute and a MA degree in Media Studies from The New School. As an aspiring filmmaker, her storytelling observes human behaviors, reflects on social construct and explores the topics of nostalgia, culture and humanity. Her mission is to produce socially engaging narratives with technical virtuosity and artistic integrity to bring communities together.

Plays in

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