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Living the Silent Dream

Directed by Deddy Raksawardana

The film showcases several interviews from Indonesian community members, including community leaders, pastors, business owners, and regular workers. They tell their stories about their journey to America, struggles with immigration, violence against Asians, and differences in culture and language. They discussed their struggles and successes when it came to these areas of their life. Many characters in this movie in silence because they are afraid of their immigration status. This movie is meant to highlight their stories. Regardless of their struggles, they are still hopeful that one day they can reach the American Dream.

Directed by Deddy Raksawardana
Produced by Indah Nuritasari, Didi Prambadi, Wiharta Lim

Director’s Bio: Deddy Raksawardana is a director of video productions, including feature films, and was the founder of Kanamusik Studio in Bandung in 2000 and AIR Production in Jakarta, Indonesia in 2020. He is a former guitarist of the band Naff for approximately 12 years. He also worked with the top Indonesian musicians and artists, and he had the honor of bringing Naff to one of the leading pop star groups in Indonesia. In 2012, Deddy started a production company and produced feature films, commercial videos, documentaries, and music videos. He moved to Philadelphia in 2019 and is now making documentary films about the Indonesian community with Indonesian Lantern media.

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