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Still Rolling

Directed by Liang-Chun Lin

When the TV show is wrapped and people are celebrating, Ching finally gets to calm down and process what she has experienced during the production. Her co-workers try to bond with her at the party while she’s busy figuring out how much she can compromise to keep going as well as taking a good look at other women around her.

Written and Directed by Liang-Chun Lin
Produced by Maggie Tao

Director’s Bio: Liang-Chun Lin was born and raised in Taiwan. She graduated from Chapman University with a MFA degree in Film Production, emphasizing on directing.
Her latest short film A DIRE STRAIT, which examines the severity of the postpartum custom of “Zuo-Yue-Zi”, just won her the grand jury award from Dances With Films. She is currently in development on Grandmas’ bikini, a new feature film focused on the identity crisis and self-recognition of elderly women.

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