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Tamano Visual Poetry Collection: Nagisa’s Bicycle

Directed by Tetsuichiro Tsuta

An omnibus film about bicycles and bicycle races. A Japanese rural town by the sea and people there are vividly depicted by the up-and-coming director Tetsuichiro Tsuta.

This film is available for online rental..

Directed by Tetsuichiro Tsuta
Produced by Naohiko Sakamoto
WRitten by Masaya Kawamura and Tetsuichiro Tsuta

Director’s Bio: Born in Tokushima, in 1984. TSUTA learned film making at Tokyo Polytechnic University. In 2007, he made his first feature film “Yume no shima” and won the Audience Award at Pia Film Festival. The film was also well-acclaimed at film festivals in and outside of Japan. In 2013, he made “The Tale of Iya” which is set in Iya-area in Tokuyama. The film got the Grand Prix at Tromso International Film Festival in Norway for the first time as a Japanese director and also got Special Mention at Asian Future section of Tokyo International Film festival.