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The Dark Way

Directed by Anahid Davari

Women diagnosed with breast cancer in Iran require permission from their husbands for medical surgery, including mastectomy. Although there is no legal basis for this, some doctors avoid doing surgery on patients without permission from their husbands, and some men use this power to harass their wives. This causes many problems in marriages and the social life of patients.

This film is available for online rental. LIVESTREAM Q&A on 11/05 at 1:30PM EST.

Directed by Anahid Davari
Produced by Yashar Nouraei & Anahid Davari

Director’s Bio: Anahid Davari is an independent female filmmaker and photographer from Iran. She studied photography at the University of Art and Architecture in Iran. Anahid has experiences in the field of photography in professional films and theaters in Iran. She has also made 3 short films and 1 mid-length documentary.