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Unity Mosque

Directed by Nicole Teeny

Forced to hide their relationship while making the Hajj, El-Farouk—a gay Imam—and his husband Troy co-founded Unity Mosque in Toronto, one of the first queer-affirming and gender-equal mosques. Despite death threats, the mosque forges on, playing a life-saving role in the lives of its members.

Written and Directed by Nicole Teeny
Produced by Nicole Teeny, Jordan Ehrlich

Director’s Bio: Nicole Teeny is a queer Lebanese filmmaker. Her Slamdance award-winning debut documentary BIBLE QUIZ played in movie theaters nationwide, was on Netflix, and on Sundance Channel in 20 countries, the US State Department’s “American Film Showcase, and won other festival awards. Hollywood Reporter called it “instantly lovable”. Her short documentary UNITY MOSQUE is currently on the festival circuit and distributed by Good Docs. Her other work has been on HuffPost, Bloomberg, NowThis, Yahoo!, featured in textbooks, and exhibited in hundreds of museums, galleries, and festivals worldwide.

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