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Realms of Remembrance

Ghosts of half-forgotten places, blips of hidden history, and echoes of inner lives all swirl and dance together in this collage of experimental shorts tied together by their focus on dreams, memory, and longing for what’s been lost. Through captured sound and moving image we can perhaps hold onto those fleeting moments and thoughts, however real or unreal they may be.

Program curated by Arzhang Zafar

Pre-recorded Q&A available with rental.

In this program

The Walk Home

The Walk Home

Directed by Chenjing Liaw

A woman reminisces about her magical childhood walks home from school in Philadelphia.

Nanay Cleo's Dream

Nanay Cleo’s Dream

Directed by Jon Cuyson

Envisioning her seafarer son in danger, Nanay Cleo, a visually impaired Babaylan – a pre-colonial Filipino shaman – summons her power to protect him at all costs.

Reflections on Captured Memory

Reflections on Captured Memory

Directed by Brandon Vanbach

A personal rumination on the relationship – or lack thereof – between a Vietnamese immigrant mother and her American-born son

The Feeling of Being Close to You

The Feeling of Being Close to You

Directed by Ash Goh Hua

Documenting an attempt at healing the trauma of touch between mother and child.

Empire of My Melodious Mind

Empire of My Melodious Mind

Directed by Jeannette Louie

In the space of a moment, inside a cabinet, perception embarks on an epic journey through the terrain of memories that form the identity of an American-born Asian.

State of Being

state of being

Directed by Ouree Lee

A reflection on growing up in Kentucky as a Korean American woman.