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Sideways Dreaming

We grow up wishing for dreams to come true – dreams for ourselves, dreams for others, and even dreams for the world. Some dreams are warmly embraced while others are frantically pushed away, and in the hopes of chasing one dream, we can discover another. This collection of short films looks at the various dreams we face in the pursuit of finding ourselves along the way.

Program curated by Kacia Huynh

Pre-recorded Q&A available with rental.

In this program

de closin night

de closin night

Directed by Shicong Zhu

Siyi, a Chinese student in an American theater school, is on the brink of losing the first role she gets in college because of her accent. To win back her closing night, she is determined to get rid of her accent no matter what it takes



Directed by Gabriella Canal, Michael Fearon

A matriarchal Korean family farm navigates an uncertain future.



Directed by Kent Donguines

While keeping a secret from his family overseas, Paco struggles to uphold his responsibilities and aspirations.

Plum Town

Plum Town

Directed by Kelly Yu

A young land developer returns to his childhood home in the countryside for the first time in a decade to convince his father to sell a failing plum orchard. When the two find themselves unable to understand one another, they turn to the dusty old karaoke machine in search of a common language.