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$90 Features & Shorts Rental Pass (does not include in-person events)

This badge will give you access to the following film programs:

Feature Films

  • Blind Eye Artist (rental only)
  • Aporia (rental only)
  • Black Snow
  • The Protector
  • Tamano Visual Poetry Collection: Nagisa’s Bicycle
  • Teine Sā – the ancient ones
  • We Don’t Dance For Nothing
  • The Bengali
  • The Dark Way
  • Chosen
  • Ink & Linda
  • Wisdom Gone Wild
  • Ricochet (rental only)

Short Film Programs

  • When Life Changes
  • Together We Rise: Queer Shorts
  • Being Human
  • Family Dynamics, Healing Connections
  • Sideways Dreaming
  • Moments of Time
  • Visions & Voices of Iranian Women
  • Realms of Remembrance
  • Together: Family Shorts
  • Midnight Madness
  • This Woman’s Work
  • Identity in Struggle
  • NHPI: Coming Home
  • PAAFF Picks
  • Contemporary Video Art Exhibition (limited availability from 11/3-11/8)

Films are geoblocked to PA, NJ, and DE. Please be sure to check How To Festival page before watching.

Tickets to in-person events (Opening night screening, Closing night screening, Centerpiece screening, Retrospective screening, all PAPA Performances) must be purchased separately.



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