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Small Moments: Animated Shorts

The experiences of childhood and youth unfold in small moments. These animated shorts reflect the tense & tender, lonely & liberating, and embarrassing & empowering moments that shape our intimate selves and family relationships.

This film program is available internationally.

Q&A LIVE on 11/8 at 12:30 P.M. EST

In this program

Yuan Yuan and the Hollow Monster

Directed by Catherine Chen

Eight-year-old Yuan Yuan is determined to protect her newest pet, a tiny turtle named Lucy, at all costs—even if it means chasing down a massive hurricane called the Hollow Monster.

First Born

Directed by Justin Bruce Lee

Determined to gain favor in his family’s eyes and match his sister’s status, a boy must prove his worth and show his potential in an upcoming martial arts competition.

The Kitchlets

Directed by Clarisse Chua

What happens when house spirits depend on our well-being to survive?

Felt Love

Directed by Angeline Vu, Arlene Bongco

A young boy learns to understand the depth of his mother’s love despite the distance her dedication may create.

In the Shadow of the Pines

Directed by Anne Koizumi

Filmmaker Anne Koizumi explores the childhood shame she felt about her Japanese immigrant father, who worked as a janitor at her school.

In Passing (風不太冷)

Directed by Esther Cheung

A portrait of seventies Hong Kong as my parents remember it.

Each Other

Directed by Sarah Tabibzadeh

In a world which the people carry their precious things everywhere and sometimes give them to a washing store, a young boy, lost one of his precious things, but he can not live without it anymore.