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Directed by Lidiya Kan

Morkovcha, Korean Carrot Salad tells a story of ethnic Koreans from Russia and the post-Soviet territories. The history is told through conversations between a mother and a daughter, fragmented memories, and the family photo archive. An important character of the film is Morkovcha, an invention of the Russian Korean diaspora; its essence is symbolic of this mixed identity.

Directed and produced by Lidiya Kan
Written by Lidiya Kan and Liudmila Li

About the filmmaker: Lidiya Kan is a photographer, filmmaker, and educator based in New York. She is the fourth generation of ethnic Koreans born and raised in the post-Soviet territories. Her projects are influenced by the multicultural and multinational upbringing and aim to revisit overlooked and forgotten histories. Records she creates are evidence of existence, her unique cultural contribution to a larger societal archive.

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Rethinking History

In school, we are often taught one side of historical events and expected to accept them as objective…