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sống ở đây | to live here

Directed by Melanie Dang Ho

How is historical memory created? How is a single war experienced across generations? How does intergenerational trauma manifest itself into an everyday routine? This film seeks to find the reverberations of the Vietnam War, urging connections of a past to a present. “sống ở đây” is a film of diaspora. It is a film of labor. It is a film of questions that seek an answer, or perhaps a home to hold them.

Directed by Melanie Dang Ho

About the filmmaker: Melanie is a Vietnamese American filmmaker and writer based out of Florida.Her work focuses on trauma, familial relationships, gender, displacement, and intimacy. Mel is working towards a career in documentary film editing, amplifying the voices of those on the margins. She is currently a CAAM + NOVAC SAUCE FELLOW, completing a short documentary mẹ con, which portrays the relationship between a vietnamese woman, the plants she grows, and memories of her mother.

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