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The Vahine

Directed by Camille Mỹ Giang

A surprising and unconventional, danced sign language brings together a deaf boy and a Tahitian dancer through an unexpected encounter.

Directed, produced, and written by Camille Mỹ Giang

About the filmmaker: Camille Mỹ Giang is a young French-Vietnamese storyteller, born and raised between the vineyards of central France and the community of former South-Vietnamese political refugees of the Parisian suburbs. This particular upbringing brought her to dedicate her work to telling stories enabling people to see the world through a different set of eyes. After months working in film distribution for EuropaCorp in Paris, Camille crossed the Channel to enroll in Film School where she transformed into a screenwriter. This newfound love led her to become Content Consultant for GlobalGate Entertainment and this experience quickly came to confirm what she already knew: not every story has been told yet, and something can – and surely should – be done about it. She began her journey by deepening her skills in the storytelling crafts of the Great Pacific and now performs alongside London School of Hula and ‘Ori and Te Hei Tiare in Paris. She co-founded a yearly printed medium called Indigo Magazine, providing a safe space for young Southeast Asian artists to express their views on certain identity matters. “The Vahine” is her first film as a writer-director.”

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