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Directed by Shirin Maleki

A poetic exploration of the fragmented experiences of an immigrant going through liminal otherness of temporary residencies. The videos read the fragmented experience of an immigrant going through temporary residencies in a forever-liminal otherness between departure and a promised arrival. The textual and visual poetry of this space play with concepts such as separation, language attrition, memory, and—overall—a reflection on the past and present.

Artist Bio: Shirin Maleki is a multimedia visual artist born in Tehran, Iran who is interested in experimental storytelling. She graduated from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 2018 where she was able to combine her passion for interdisciplinary fine art by using photography, poetry, and animation. Her work often has an implicit connection with nostalgia and the Anthropocene, invoking a vast range of color and light and sparking ideas about childhood, nature, connection and change. She is interested in the potential of animation as a part of interactive installations to provoke action.

Plays in

Contemporary Video Art Exhibition - Presented by 12 Gates Arts and PAAFF

Contemporary Video Art Exhibition

An encore screening of some films featured in 12G & PAAFF’s 4th Annual Contemporary Video Art Exhibition on…