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Bayard Street

Directed by Cindy Chu

In the kitchen of a late-night spot on Bayard Street in Chinatown, New York, Mei Ching, the new Taiwanese takeout gal fumbles preparing takeout orders. As the sheer heat and atmosphere overwhelms her, she clashes with the other workers. Just when the restaurant manager is about to fire her, Andy, another Chinese waiter steps in to defend her. When Mei Ching doubts herself coming to America, Andy brings hope back into her life, and they share their greatest dreams for the future.

Written and Directed by Cindy Chu
Produced by Mikel Butler, Jenna You (Associate Producer)

Director’s Bio: Cindy Chu is a Taiwanese-American filmmaker from Queens, NY. She is a Blackmagic Collective fellow and a #Startwith8Hollywood mentee. Her series, QUEENS won best TV pilot comedy at Omni Cultural TV fest, and her TV pilot, ANGEL ISLAND, was in the 2nd round for Sundance Episodic Lab. Her romantic drama feature script, BAYARD STREET won Pitch Royale and received grants to shoot the short film version. Her stories are female-led and about 1st-gen and immigrant Asian Americans.

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