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Moments of Time

History is anchored and remembered by big events we cannot ignore, but it’s the smaller moments that help us to move forward. Rewind the clock through this collection of short films and glimpse how individual challenges and intimate circumstances can both haunt and guide us toward a better future.

Program curated by Kacia Huynh

Pre-recorded Q&A available with rental.

In this program



Directed by Miida Chu

A young, indentured Chinese prostitute must overcome her toxic dependency on the brothel madam on the eve of the 1885 anti-Chinese riot in Eureka, California.

442 The Nisei Soldiers

442 Nisei Soldiers

Directed by Ryosuke Hoshiyama

Chased by a fanatical Nazi officer, two Japanese-American soldiers seek refuge in the woods of Bruyères, only to find themselves in the home of a French widow.

Bayard Street

Bayard Street

Directed by Cindy Chu

Two Chinese restaurant workers find love while chasing their American dreams in 1980’s NYC.

Last Hawaiian Sugar

Last Hawaiian Sugar

Directed by Deja Cresencia Bernhardt

Nua, a twelve years-old, Samoan, is the product of the immigrant camp that “Big Sugar” brought to work the sugarcane fields. Nua’s story is both a metaphor for the effects of industrialized farming and a rare look into the final days of commercial sugar production in Hawai’i.