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Breeze in the Sea

Directed by Jingtao Xu

Ten years after his father died, San Pi buys a cemetery and buries his father. On his way back, San Pi sees a black cat eating the tribute food. San Pi thinks his sadness is causing an illusion. While he is driving, the black cat suddenly appears in the back seat, causing San Pi to hit the break and stops the car abruptly, which saves San Pi from being hit by a truck. After San Pi goes home, he discovers that the cat can speak human language. Having a short conversation with the cat, San Pi is convinced that the black cat is his father because the cat knows all of San Pi’s childhood secrets that only his father knows. Although San Pi doesn’t understand, he has too accept it. The black cat asks San Pi to help with 5 last wishes.

Written and Directed by Jingtao Xu
Produced by Jingtao Xu and Jingyi Fu

Director’s Bio: Jingtao Xu was born on September 26, 1982. It has been 17 years since he graduated from Shanghai Theatre Academy, and he has always dreamed of directing. In the process of realizing this dream, he worked as the assistant director of more than 40 dramas. In 2016, I directed two immature network movies.

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