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Being Human

Mental illness, addiction, and depression can leave us feeling vulnerable. By diving into love, loss, and grief, these shorts explore some of our most difficult experiences and intense emotions – in doing so, they also remind us of what makes us human.

Program curated by Christy Choo

Pre-recorded Q&A available with rental.

In this program



Directed by Jess Dang

A recovering compulsive gambler responds to her past trauma after 100 days of abstinence.



Directed by Yuri Sapre

A depiction of the filmmaker’s experience being mentally ill, exploring both the good and bad sides of neurodivergence for viewers that don’t understand how it feels, those that do, and those that experience it.

Hey There

hey there

Directed by Kitty Hu

As we grow older, we can better connect with our inner child and understand memories, triggers, and emotions. Over time, this can give us a softer version of ourselves and grant us more agency in the narratives we create about ourselves.



Directed by Maruia Jensen

When a construction worker from South Auckland loses the last connection he has with his dead Mum, he spirals into a state of depression, prompting an intervention from beyond the grave.

Breeze in the Sea

Breeze in the Sea

Directed by Jingtao Xu

The story of a man and a black cat.