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Directed by Yuri Sapre

After getting fired from their job, the main character finds ads with a brain scanner, claiming that it will find out what’s wrong with you. The character clicks a popup ad, not realizing the popup is malware, and gets sucked into their computer. The malware ANGEL takes them through the workings of their brain, and tells them they are unfixable, to the main character’s dismay. Realizing the experience of neurodivergency isn’t all bad, they seek revenge on the ANGEL.

Written, Produced, and Directed by Yuri Sapre

Director’s Bio: Yuri Sapre is a 22 year old non-binary South Asian artist and animator located in Manhattan. They attended the School of Visual Arts, studying 2D Animation, and their work utilizes multimedia and experimental techniques. They enjoy finding the rules and boundaries of a medium, and then breaking it. They also enjoy bringing their experience of being LGBT+, a person of color, and an immigrant into their art, as minority voices are not frequently represented.

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