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Empire of My Melodious Mind

Empire of My Melodious Mind

Film Empire of My Melodious Mind Directed by Jeannette Louie In the space of a moment, inside a cabinet, perception embarks on an epic journey through the terrain…
Eyes and Horns

Eyes and Horns

Film Eyes and Horns Directed by Chaerin Im Inspired by Picasso’s Vollard Suite, the transformation of the masculine Minotaur leads to the destruction of the boundaries…
Hey There

hey there

Film hey there Directed by Kitty Hu As we grow older, we can better connect with our inner child and understand memories, triggers, and emotions.…
Jal-Jinae/Spend Your Life Well


Film Jal-Jinae Directed by Janice Chi A girl with chronic nosebleeds takes an especially long bathroom break.
Nanay Cleo's Dream

Nanay Cleo’s Dream

Film Nanay Cleo’s Dream Directed by Jon Cuyson Envisioning her seafarer son in danger, Nanay Cleo, a visually impaired Babaylan – a pre-colonial Filipino shaman –…
Reflections on Captured Memory

Reflections on Captured Memory

Film Reflections on Captured Memory Directed by Brandon Vanbach A personal rumination on the relationship – or lack thereof – between a Vietnamese immigrant mother and her…
State of Being

state of being

Film state of being Directed by Ouree Lee A reflection on growing up in Kentucky as a Korean American woman.
The Walk Home

The Walk Home

Film The Walk Home Directed by Chenjing Liaw A woman reminisces about her magical childhood walks home from school in Philadelphia.


Film Umbilical Directed by Pavit Panag A short film that deals with loss and a metamorphosis of self following the act of letting go—featuring…


Film VIRUS Directed by Yuri Sapre A depiction of the filmmaker’s experience being mentally ill, exploring both the good and bad sides of neurodivergence…
We Don't Dance for Nothing – A Photo-Montage Narrative Features

We Don’t Dance for Nothing

This rental is no longer available

Film We Don’t Dance for Nothing Directed by Stefanos Tai Trapped by her servitude in Hong Kong, a Filipina domestic worker plans to break free of the city…
Wisdom Gone Wild Documentary Features

Wisdom Gone Wild

This rental is no longer available

Film Wisdom Gone Wild Directed by Rea Tajiri WISDOM GONE WILD is an immersive meditation on elder consciousness and the act of caregiving an elder with…