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Wisdom Gone Wild

Directed by Rea Tajiri

In this moving and original reflection on aging, mortality, and transformation, Rea Tajiri partners with her mother, Rose Tajiri Noda, to create a film about the final sixteen years of Rose’s life as a person living with dementia. Together, they nurture their connection through listening, art, and music. Rose performs songs from her youth, providing the soundtrack for time travel, as we witness her evolution across nine decades of living. Delicately weaving between past and present, parenting and being parented, the film reflects on the unreliability of memory and the desire to reinvent one’s own life when memories fail us.

This film is available for online rental. LIVESTREAM Q&A on 11/05 at 4:30PM EST

Captions are embedded in this film.

Directed by Rea Tajiri
Produced by Rea Tajiri and Sian Evans

Director’s Bio Rea Tajiri is an award-winning interdisciplinary artist and educator who creates installation, documentary and experimental films. Her work situates itself in poetic, non-traditional storytelling forms to encourage dialog and reflection around buried histories.

This feature film is preceed by “Feeling Asian American”. The filmmakers and cast of this short film have pre-recorded a talkback, which plays at the end of this rental film playlist.

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