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hey there

Directed by Kitty Hu

as we grow older, we can better meet our inner children where they are and understand their memories, triggers and emotions. over time, this gives us a softer version of ourselves to hold and grants us more agency in the narratives we create about ourselves.

Produced and Directed by Kitty Hu

Director’s Bio: Kitty Hu (she/he/they) is a queer Chinese diasporic documentary filmmaker and the Advocacy and Impact Officer at Brown Girls Doc Mafia. As the daughter of immigrants, Kitty’s work applies community-centered documentary tactics to amplify stories at the intersection of justice and human relationships, looking at topics like labor, housing, culture, migration, and climate. Her work has been featured on HBO, CNN+, Hulu, PBS. She is currently based on unceded Lenape land—also known as Brooklyn, New York.

Plays in

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Being Human

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