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Directed by Pavit Panag

A woman tries the last resort to get a glimpse of her loved one again. Umbilical is a film about metamorphosis and rebirth through love, and the sacrifice necessary for the creation of something new. A woman sits down in a secluded forest, and looks at an ancient text, searching for a way to reach her deceased loved one. She drops a vial onto the page, and a smoky, amorphous form appears. Towering over the protagonist, the creature stares menacingly, and offers the woman a choice. A flower in each hand, the woman must make a decision. The woman chooses, and her fate is sealed.

Directed by Pavig Panag

Plays in

Midnight Madness

Midnight Madness

Are you a night owl, or perhaps someone seeking thrills, chills, and dark desires? Either way, this collection…