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Midnight Madness

Are you a night owl, or perhaps someone seeking thrills, chills, and dark desires? Either way, this collection of shorts—with everything from man-eating dinosaurs to incessant nose bleeds to a stranded whale—is bound to keep you up through the night and leave you with more questions than answers.

Program curated by David Tanh and Kelly Conrad

Pre-recorded Q&A available with rental.

In this program



Directed by Ken Ochiai

In the 1930’s, a Japanese American father and daughter must play a deadly game of shadow tag to escape from a demon child, Kageboshi.



Directed by Pavit Panag

A short film that deals with loss and a metamorphosis of self following the act of letting go—featuring a woman looking to revive her lover by sealing a deal with a creature.



Directed by Sreejith Nair

A father and daughter living in prehistoric times embark on a dangerous mission to return the lost egg of a Rajasaur, India’s most dangerous dinosaur.

Drift Whale

drift whale

Directed by Moe Katakura

A boy meets a stranded whale at the beach.

The Evilest Man

The Evilest Man

Directed by Kangming Li

In order to escape the bionic crisis, a group of people flee to a village and live in seclusion for decades. One day, a few homicides occur, and villagers believe there may be an android in the village. Two people are elected to uncover who the android is.

Jal-Jinae/Spend Your Life Well


Directed by Janice Chi

A girl with chronic nosebleeds takes an especially long bathroom break.

I Can't Forget Him

I Can’t Forget Him

Directed by Kevin Kai Wing Yiu

In a fantasy rom-com that marries traditional Hong Kong superstition with local queer culture, young rentboy GaGa goes on vacation with his drug dealer best friend. The trip goes haywire when he goes on a date with a mysterious legendary poet from 2000 years ago, Qu Yuan.