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I Can’t Forget Him

Directed by Kevin Kai Wing Yiu

“I Can’t Forget Him” is a short film about a wild young man GaGa (嘉嘉), is going on a vacation at Lamma island (南丫島) with his superstitious drug dealer best friend MiMi during Dragon Boat Festival (端午節). He goes on a date with a mysterious man who reminisces about the legendary poet from 2000 years ago – Wat Yuen (or Qu Yuan in mandarin) (屈原). MiMi is concerned about being haunted by ghosts after GaGa sharing about his bizarre romantic experience. GaGa disappears after they break into a fight, and MiMi cannot find him since. It is a modern comedic folktale about gay romance that marries Hong Kong’s superstitious tradition.

Written, Produced, and Directed by Kevin Kai Wing Yiu

Director’s Bio: Kevin Yiu is a queer Hong Kong-Bostonian filmmaker with a passion for empowering his audience to be fully self-expressed and representing fringe humanity, especially in the LGBTQI+ space, through his work. He is currently completing his M.F.A. Film and Television Production at Loyola Marymount University. Yiu quitted his job as a pharmaceutical scientist in Boston to become a filmmaker in LA. His mission is to create a world without boundaries, where people with different ethnicities, sexualities and gender-expressions can coexist. Yiu’s work are inspired by his cultural and wild experience being out and about in both Hong Kong and America. His point of view is unapologetically queer and he loves exploring dark, messy characters through comedy. He is currently developing a queer crime feature and a queer Western pilot for production in continuation of my mission in building a queer universe.

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