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The Evilest Man

Directed by Kangming Li

In a remote village, isolated from the world, where no one has ever been in or out, a
group of human beings have lived here for 32 years in order to escape the Android crisis
originated in the year of 2158. A few homicides suddenly appear in the village. At the
same time, people find two same-looking village secretary╩╝s son Xu Rui. The escapist
villagers realized that there might be an Android in the village. Villagers capture these
two people. They select two villagers, Li Guang and Wang Heng, to investigate which one of them is the Android.

Written and Directed by Kangming Li
Produced by Jiayue Yuan

Director’s Bio: Li Kangming was born in Shandong province and grew up in Shanghai, China. At age 11, he started editing. During high school, he put several movie mix-up videos on Bilibili platform and got viral online. He now has over 25 thousand followers, and 15 million views for the most popular video. After that, he made promotional videos for some clothing brands. In 2021, he entered Shanghai Vancouver Film School and directed his first official short film “The Evilest Man”.

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