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Directed by Sreejith Nair

In a fantasy version of prehistoric India where humans and dinosaurs co-exist, a father and daughter must embark on a dangerous mission to return the lost egg of a Rajasaurus, India’s most dangerous dinosaur, but a much more evil creature is after the egg too.

Produced and Directed by Sreejith Nair
Written by Sreejith Nair & Vaishali Shroff

Director’s Bio: While his family comes from Kerala, a southern state in India, Sreejith Nair was born and raised in Forest Park, IL. The first film he ever saw in his life was Disney’s Dinosaur. Since then, Sreejith grew up loving monster movies like Jurassic Park, King Kong, and Godzilla, but realized he could never be a part of those films because there were no roles for Indian actors or filmmakers. He graduated from Columbia College Chicago with a Degree in Film and currently works for CBS Television. Sreejith’s personal goal in the Film industry is to produce more Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror content with South Asians. His previous Award-Winning short film, The Color of Me, is currently available on Amazon Prime.

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