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Directed by Prabin Kumar Rawat

Set during the outset of the Nepali civil war, the story follows a teenager who loves playing football and is even selected in his school team to compete in district levels. Coming from a poor family, his mother wants him to leave the village and migrate to India, to join his father and work for a living. However, he keeps on struggling for his dreams until the shadows of the civil war that ravaged the country reach his village. The story is about innocence, childhood, migration and lost dreams.

Written and Directed by Prabin Kumar Rawat
Producted by Nigam Bhandari, Min Bhadaur Bham, Prabin Kumar Rawat

Director’s Bio: Prabin Kumar Rawat is a young filmmaker based in Kathmandu Nepal. He graduated in film direction and screenplay from Oscar International College of Film Studies (Tribhuvan University). He started his career as a Production Manager and Line producer in film, Television commercial documentaries, and music videos. After graduation,he started a film Production Company called Cryptid Films Pvt. Ltd. Since then he has produced some of the most successful Nepali shortfilms of the last decade.

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