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Identity in Struggle

How is identity shaped in times of political struggle? Pan-Asian Americanism was created as a project of resistance from protest movements during the turbulent 1960’s-70’s. Whether forced upon by others or self-created, our identities are in constant flux as the weight of historical moments push us to examine who we are. These shorts look at characters who negotiate their identities during political conflict and emerge forever changed.

Program curated by Klyde Breitton

Pre-recorded Q&A available with rental.

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Directed by Prabin Kumar Rawat

Set during the outset of the Nepali civil war, “Kalam” follows a teenager who remains in his village to play in a football tournament. As people flee, the violence brewing throughout the country reaches his village. Based on a true story, “Kalam” is about childhood, migration and lost dreams.

Murder Tongue

Murder Tongue

Directed by Ali Sohail Jaura

May 1992. The state sanctioned “Operation” has put Karachi at unrest. Abdul Aziz Ansari is awakened by his daughter-in-law because his son hasn’t returned home. A knock on the door summons them to the hospital. What they witness is known today as the most brutal chapter of the city’s history.

Beauty Queen

Beauty Queen

Directed by Myra Aquino

1942, Pampanga, Philippines– When the Empire of Japan invades the Philippines during WWII, Remedios, a beauty queen, runs to the mountains with her brother to join the Hukbalahap resistance. From there, she struggles to find the strength to be who she needs to be for her country– while still unapologetically being herself.