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Suite Night

Shab Suite

Directed by Mahtab Pishghadam

Yasi and Raha are two girls rejected by everyone and everything. Raha, trapped in solitary confinement, fears the possibility that her virginity will be taken by a man more than she fears death. Meanwhile, Yasi does everything in her power to prevent her girlfriend from being executed.

Written, Produced, and Directed by Mahtab Pishghadam

Direcrtor’s Bio: Mahtab Pishghadam (she/her) was born 1996 in Iran and has studied graphic studies and worked as an assistant director she has since 2017 been writing and directing short films.

Plays in

Visions & Voices of Iranian Women

Visions & Voices of Iranian Women

This collection of disparate shorts—each unique in its own right—is held together by the glue of Iranian women…