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Directed by Kwang Min Lee

On a sunny day in Flushing, NY, Joonho and his friend Noah spend their time together. Joonho tries his best to fit into the new culture. While he enjoys his time with Noah, he encounters his father who is delivering food with his tricycle. Joonho is embarrassed as father approaches him so he lies to Noah that it was his neighbor who is on the tricycle. Joonho walks home and waits for his father to talk about his complicated emotions.

Written, Produced, and Directed by Kwang Min Lee

Director’s Bio: Kwang Min Lee is a Korean American actor and a filmmaker based in New York City. Kwang Min’s inspiration for his productions stem from his experiences not only as an immigrant in America, but also as a US Army Veteran. He seeks to break through in the film world by contributing his artistic sensibilities. Kwang Min’s first film, which he wrote and directed, TRICYCLE, is the recipient of the National Board of Review Student Grant.

Plays in

Family Dynamics

Family Dynamics, Healing Connections

Families can be the source of our highest highs and deepest pains, and they profoundly shape our life…