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Family Dynamics, Healing Connections

Families can be the source of our highest highs and deepest pains, and they profoundly shape our life experiences. These shorts dramatize families of multiple Asian identities, in 4 countries, and across 3 continents. As we journey with them through family celebrations, chance encounters, daily life, and a burglary, we are reminded of the strength and joy that families bring to our own lives.

Program curated by Chetana R. Narasimha Jois

Pre-recorded Q&A available with rental.

In this program

Last Flight

Last Flight

Directed by Tianyi Jiang

On Chinese New Year’s Eve 2019, a young journalist receives the opportunity to report on
COVID-19 in Wuhan, but her mom refuses to let her go.



Directed by Kwang Min Lee

An immigrant youngster from South Korea tries his best to make friends in a new environment. While spending the day with his friend, an unexpected encounter with his father on the street leaves him with a dilemma.

Bahaar (Outside)

Baahar (Outside)

Directed by Prakshi Malik

Disaster brews when Seher gets accepted to a boarding school – a dream come true – on the evening of a big family dinner.



Directed by Jennifer Te Atamira Ward-Lealand

When a burglary goes wrong, a meth addict must choose between his whānau and his next fix.

Where No One Lives

Where No One Lives

Directed by Li Anne Liew

One night, three lonely neighbors find themselves in search of connection, forgiveness, and company in an old apartment building.

We've Only Just Begun

We’ve Only Just Begun

Directed by Meneka Das

Thirty-something Indian sisters Rumi and Nina journey to London in pursuit of their musical dream – but working at an Indian Takeaway wasn’t part of the plan.

Different Than Before

Different Than Before

Directed by Mayumi Yoshida

Sarah is celebrating her engagement with her sister Amanda, her parents, fiancé ,and friends at a Chinese restaurant. When a group of racist hecklers shout rude comments and racial slurs at them during karaoke, Father (Baba) must decide what is best for his family.