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Baahar (Outside)

Directed by Prakshi Malik

Disaster brews when Seher gets accepted to a boarding school—a dream come true—on the evening of a big family dinner. Through the eyes of a young South Asian American teen who is coming of age, Baahar explores relationships among women in intergenerational families and opportunities for change. How can we begin to see each other as we would like to be seen? What possibilities lie outside the purview of patriarchy? How do a mother and daughter embark on a journey of healing?

Written and Directed by Prakshi Malik
Produced by Dahee Kim, Zahra Tapal

Director’s Bio:Prakshi Malik is a filmmaker and dancer creating cinema about women of color from a global perspective. She grew up in Delhi, India and is currently based in the Twin Cities, MN. She was awarded the 2020 Short Film Grant by Austin Film Society for her short film, BAAHAR, which premiered at the New Orleans Film Festival. Her previous short, EMBERS, screened at film festivals such as PBS Short Film Festival, Roxbury International Film Festival, Faces of Austin, Black Harvest Film Festival & Regent Park Film Festival. Prakshi has trained in Kuchipudi dance, West African dance and performed with Ananya Dance Theatre. She brings her background in dance and ensemble practices to her filmmaking and has edited award-winning films. Prakshi holds a BA in Media and Cultural Studies from Macalester College and MFA in Film Production from the University of Texas at Austin.

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Family Dynamics

Family Dynamics, Healing Connections

Families can be the source of our highest highs and deepest pains, and they profoundly shape our life…