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Where No One Lives

Directed by Li Anne Liew

On one night in an old apartment building, a newly independent young woman, a pair of
dysfunctional siblings and an aging widow become part of a seemingly intertwining story separated by walls. Rory, alone in her dream city, is afraid that she has made a big mistake in moving away from home; A disgruntled Margaret contends with the various trials of her tough family on her birthday; Kai confronts his once close sister before he leaves home forever – all while sounds and interactions between the three rooms bleed into each other, reminding them of a bigger world and community outside.

Directed by Li Anne Liew
Produced by Cynthia Wang
Written by Li Anne Liew, Vi Nguyen, Julianne Yang

Director’s Bio: Li Anne Liew is a filmmaker, graphic designer, and photographer born and raised in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. She recently graduated from Chapman University, where she studied Film Production. Her work aims to provoke emotional responses from character-driven stories that stem from memory, impermanence, and loneliness. Li Anne is inspired by unknown cities, and the emotional quality of settling within familiar and unfamiliar places. She hopes to forever make films that make the mundane feel grand and intimate.

Plays in

Family Dynamics

Family Dynamics, Healing Connections

Families can be the source of our highest highs and deepest pains, and they profoundly shape our life…