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When Life Changes

Whether we are adolescents, young adults, middle-aged, or older adults, life is constantly changing. Much of the time, these shifts take place so slowly that we barely register them. These short films capture moments when characters realize that life has suddenly changed, and that their identity, thoughts, and actions must also be altered. Be prepared for wild twists, the discovery of superpowers, the breaking of generational divides, and facing ghosts from the past.

Program curated by Eric Hung and Ellis Choi

Pre-recorded Q&A available with rental.

In this program

White Now Please

White Now Please

Directed by Kyle Lau

Twelve-year-old Asian American Bryan Chen wants to be a hero, so he tries to become the thing he knows all heroes need to be … white.

Like Father, Like...

Like Father, Like…

Directed by Urvashi Pathania

When a stern immigrant father catches his daughter kissing a girl, he makes a drastic choice.

Unfamiliar Familiar

Unfamiliar Familiar

Directed by Hae-Sup Sin

A middle aged Swiss-Korean woman flies to Korea during the pandemic after receiving news of her mother’s death. Due to restrictions, she spends her obligatory quarantine in her abandoned parental home. There, she gets confronted by a familiar, yet unfamiliar feeling from her past and present.