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Content Policy

As we at PAAFF endeavor to showcase the best Asian diasporic films, our programming staff is sensitive to the fact that some of our official selections may have content that an audience member may find offensive or distressing. As such, we provide our patrons with film descriptions that appear on our website and in our Festival Program as a guide to a film’s specific content and themes.

While we have included some content warnings with the descriptions in our program book, please understand that we are not capable of identifying all content that could be considered especially upsetting or triggering. For this reason, if you have concerns, we ask that you please supplement our film descriptions with your own research before purchasing tickets or attending a screening. We recommend watching the linked trailers, reading any online reviews, and visiting a film’s website where possible. Please feel free to contact us at PAAFF with any questions.

We thank you for your support and understanding.